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Desperate Voice Teacher Discovers the Secret To Providing Her Students the Mastery To Singing Over the Top. In All Auditions and Performances, With Techniques So Fast and Easy, Even a Child Can Do It.


“Acting Skills For Singers has helped me to feel the emotions that the character might have had singing the song. Also, now, I feel more comfortable in front of a camera and now I love to sing in front of an audience. I used to think that adults would not like my performance.”

– Sarah Boyer, 10 years old, Livingston, MT

Marcia and Josefine

Paradise Valley, Montana
Thursday, 11:55 AM

Dear Fellow Singing Enthusiast,

Imagine, you’re at an audition. The room is buzzing with nervous electricity. Everyone is eyeing one another….. you are silently reminding yourself…..”Remember to look at the audience, stand up straight, don’t forget to smile”. With hands as cold as ice, and your body, almost separate from your head, you take a deep breath. “I can do this.” Suddenly your name is called. You’re on.

Or maybe, you’re the one who gets to watch…recitals, school musicals, choir events, church pageants. Sure, it’s your child or maybe a niece, nephew, grandchild, friend or your own student. Hey, maybe you just enjoy getting out and listening to any musical offering in your community, even if you don’t know a single soul on stage!

You get to the end of the presentation and think to yourself, “That’s it?” Or maybe, “What a relief!” Does any of this ring a chord of familiarity? Whether you are the vocalist, or a member of the audience, be honest with yourself. It can be distressing.

You are not alone. Millions of folks just like you are searching for the simple keys to dynamic, show stopping performances. Yet no one seems to be offering the solution. We felt the same way.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Marcia McCarry, a Professional Voice Teacher. Over the course of 45 years, I’ve offered private training to over 4,000 students of all ages. From the child in pre-school to retired mature adults.

One Common Challenge Surfaced Repeatedly

For years there seemed to be a similar challenge for all the students. It became glaringly apparent that when a drama coach was assisting them, their presentations improved by at least 75 percent!

Then, the greatest agony kicked me right where it hurt most. One of my best singing students, Cory, auditioned for a musical in our local theater. It seemed like a shoo-in. To my surprise he lost the part. On Cory’s behalf, I was shocked, pained and sickened all at the same time. That was when I knew something had to be done.

After visiting with my friend and student Josefine Stark, a Professional Performance Coach, with 23 years of experience, we came up with an amazing concept! Here’s Josefine’s insightful gift of truth.

Do You Know the Secret of Singing Success?

Have you ever felt like singing events are just missing a certain ‘something’? If only you could figure out what it is. How can the presentation be taken to a refreshing, more dynamic, heightened outpouring? What would create that ‘pizzazz’ we’ve all seen from the ‘pros’? Whether it’s you, a child or friend…isn’t it sometimes just downright uncomfortable?

Here it is….bottom line. The secret of singing success is good acting. That’s it. You can be a mediocre singer. But, if you know how to deliver a great performance, your audience will think that you are astounding! The reverse is also true. A gifted voice lacking a sparkling delivery falls ‘flat as the rain in Spain’.

“Congratulations on “Acting Skills For Singers”! In my voice class for children we have been watching the DVD’s in small segments over the course of the semester, enjoying them immensely. Ms Stark does a wonderfuljob in breaking down great acting technique into a series of simple and clear ‘rules’ and gestures which students of any age can use to add expression and depth to their performances. This film is an excellent way of exposing
the class to other children’s voices. Thank you for your hard work in bringing this quality video to life.”

Vielka Kelly, Vocal Teacher, New York, NY

Are you Haunted by any of these Feelings of Humiliation?

  • You sing well, yet are expressionless from extreme fear?
  • Your performances are perceived as boring?
  • You have anxiety about being judged?
  • You feel exposed and vulnerable when on stage?
  • You suffer performance paralysis?
  • You encounter nervous insecurity and stage fright?
  • You have anguishing butterflies, shakiness or fidgeting?
  • You are distressed hours or even days before performing?
  • You’ve known the heartbreak of rejection after an audition?
  • You, after years of voice training still come across as an amateur?
  • You endure career setbacks while ‘lesser voices’ advance?

Or… do you agonize with how to help your child or student as they struggle to overcome their discomfort?


“Being able to act when you sing a song on stage, not only relaxes you but it helps the audience to enjoy the performances more and make a connection to the performer. This DVD set has shown me how to express emotions through body language.”

– Lisa Sochor, 16 years old, Livingston, MT


“As a music teacher, a children’s theatre producer, and a father of would-be singers and actors, I must say that dramatic singing seems to be one of the hardest things to coach kids on. I’m delighted with Acting Skills for Singers presentation–not only in its practical instructional value, but in its motivational quality. It even makes me want to sing (dramatically)! ”

– Andrew Pudewa, founder of the: Institute for Excellence in Writing, Locust Grove, OK

The Solution Has Finally Arrived!

You can now join the ranks of seasoned professionals! In the time it takes to watch a movie at the theater, you can transform your singing into a fresh, regenerated, highly charged sensation!

It’s a well known fact that when a singer has something to do with the body and the hands, both the voice and the song sound better, and nervous symptoms disappear!


“I’ve had leading parts in several musicals, and this video has answered a lot of questions for me. I wish I’d seen it before the last show, but I’m glad I’ve seen it before the next one!”

– Fiona Pudewa, 14 years old, Atascadero, CA

“After viewing the video, I learned that I could memorize my
song easier by actually, ‘telling a story’ and using body
language to cue the next line or phrase of the song. I also found
that my voice took on new clarity and animation in the process.”

– D. McKinlay, Vocalist, Livingston, MT


Acting Skills for Singers

In this Professionally Produced 2-DVD set, we’ve held nothing back. You will receive everything you need for your singing performance to soar to the summit, handed to you on a silver platter.

You will be spoon-fed:

  1. Critical Basics Overlooked by Amateurs.
  2. 9 Crucial Sections of Indispensable, Must Have, Areas of Focus, for Mastery in your Presentations.
  3. 21 Individual Techniques to Adopt to Your Singing, With Literally Hundreds of Possible Combinations.
  4. Before and After Examples of Real, Live Students, the Difference is Immediate!
  5. The Opportunity to ‘Practice Along’ With Each Concept.
  6. Resource Suggestions for Ongoing Growth and Development.

If you employ just 1 or 2 techniques from this ‘Insiders Information Known by the Pros’, in just 5 minutes, you’ll dynamically improve your “number” by at least 50%. You’ll see what we mean by simply watching the difference in the mirror.

“Acting Skills For Singers is a production that offers coaching to nuture and improve the talents of performing singers. I have viewed the film numerous times, and with each viewing never fail to discover new and helpful singing tips. Using the actions and lessons has made me a much more confident and energized performer.

“The efforts and enthusiasm in this film provide reassurance that music is a magical and important blessing to the world, and that it will continue to live on through the ages. Thanks to everyone for this artful and musical experience.”

– Melissa Davaz, 16 years old, Livingston, MT

Do You Know the Answers to These Key Factors for Delivering Your Ultimate Singing Performance?

  • What’s the Real Secret of greatness in your stage presence? (Part 1)
  • How do you make Sacred Music more meaningful? (Part 2)
  • What’s the best way to captivate your audience? (Part 1)
  • From where does the most important part of your performance come? (Part 1)
  • What’s the fastest way to build skill? (Part 1)
  • What are the 5 different hand positions? (Part 1)
  • How do you modify your performance for live vs. camera appearances? (Part 2)
  • What is the most common mistake when using a microphone? (Part 2)
  • When do you use the 4 basic arm movements? (Part 1)
  • When is it appropriate to use props? (Part 2)
  • How do you choose one powerful prop for any performance? (Part 2)
  • What is the difference between subtle vs. lukewarm? (Part 2)
  • What is the “Singer’s Clock”? (Part 1) hint: It has nothing to do with what time it is.
  • What do you do during long interludes or introductions? (Part 2)
  • What is the power in your fingers for any performance? (Part 1)
  • How can your hips and feet enhance a song? (Part 2) hint: It’s not dancing.
  • How can you best convey comedy in your singing? (Part 1)

This is just the beginning of what you’ll discover from “Acting Skills for Singers”

“Before I took this acting workshop for singers, I wasn’t as conscious of my body movements and gestures as I was after Josephine coached me. Afterwards I realized that not only did the expressions and movements help my stage presence, these new skills helped my singing ability.”

– Calin Mauch, 18 years old, Livinston, MT

“This will be really good for our whole drama group
to see– we need to get better at the acting while singing.”

– Julia Pudewa, 11 years old, Atascadero, CA

One More Unexpected Benefit

You’ll also be pleased to learn, that according to a recent study from the University of Toronto at Mississauga, researchers noted something very interesting. It seems that when acting skills are practiced by six-year-olds, it enhanced their ability to play well with others!

The same study concluded that after three years of music lessons, students gained 3 more IQ points than their peers who were not involved in music.

When you combine acting skills with music, not only do you create an opportunity to advance intellectually, you also allow blossoming socially! Personally, we think it’s true at any age!

“I can really tell that my daughter performs with a lot more self-confidence now, and it has carried into other aspects of her life!”

– Jill Boyer, mother of 10 year old, Livingston, MT

“This program is so good and so needed. All music teachers,
(especially in the schools), need to have it.

“Don’t keep this candle under a basket! I was in the Theatre in New York and I know from personal experience how very important and necessary the lessons are. Not only can it mean the difference in one’s theatre presentations, it is totally tied to any training one may encompass during their life. Feelings make the difference in every phase of life.”

– A. Murphy, Retired Singer and Actress, Orlando, FL

Why Wait?
Don’t You Want to?….

  • Appear at ease in front of an audience.
  • Know the real secret of greatness for performing.
  • Show a comfortable stage presence.
  • Express the deep feelings in your dramatic music.
  • Know how to use your entire body for your greatest musical expression.
  • Cinch auditions to the envy of your competitors.
  • Free yourself to take creative risks with ease.
  • Emotionally engage your audience.
  • Offer exciting and visually rich presentations.
  • Enjoy yourself both live on-stage and in front of a camera.
  • Get the greatest mileage out of funny material.
  • Offer performances that beg for an encore.
  • Advance in your performance capability.
  • Finally, become self confident at any singing event.

“I especially liked the hand movement segment. Body movements and positions are always an issue for solo singers. The facial expressions are another aspect of performance for me to be aware of. Often I see videos of groups in which I have sung where I am not facially animated– just concentrating on the music, and it is not very visually dynamic. This is very valuable information for school choirs and productions as well as those who are making a career of the performing arts.”

– Emily Coleman, Choir Member and Soloist, Emigrant, MT

“We were amazed at the improvement the students showed after just brief instructions were given. At the same time, one of the strengths of the workshop is that the student’s progress was believable– and gives promise to further development with practice.”

– M. and R. Anderson, parents, Minneapolis, MN

Now You Can!

You can own this incredible, power packed material. When we had to decide on a price for this at-home-training we knew it had to be something everyone could afford.

If you were to work with a Professional Performance Coach, that is, if there’s one available in your city or town, it would run anywhere from $40.00 – $70.00 per 2 hour session, or more. If you spent 6 months, attending one session per week, you would expect to invest up to $1,500.00. And we can assure you, the ‘pros’ do.

The material you’ll receive in “Acting Skills for Singers” could easily be spread out over six months and up to a full year of study. Since you aren’t getting the benefit of us being with you personally, we didn’t think it would be fair to charge you as such.

Then we thought, what if we charged just a quarter of that amount, $379.00? It still seemed too high. Given that our goal is to make it affordable for all families and individuals.

We Finally Settled on an “Introductory Price” of $34.95.

You read it right! Call us a ‘soft touch’! But this just shows you our passion for getting it into your hands, because we know what this material will do for your singing performances. And because you deserve to enjoy the experience of singing for a live audience as much as we know you can!

We don’t know how long the introductory price will last, and one thing is for sure. The price will go up. With all the competitive edge secrets in this training, it will be in high demand. Our next production run will reflect the price jump.

Along with your purchase, you’ll receive a few Complimentary Bonuses!

Bonus #1:

Singers’ Secrets for Success Booklet – Value: $9.97
An Invaluable Resource with a total of 21 tips covering pointers for Singing and Acting. Everything from; Developing Control of the Body, Breath and Emotions, to Gestures, the “Singers Clock”, Comedy and more!. A potent little ‘handbook’ in its own right. Excellent for the seasoned singer or the ‘new kid on the block’! There is also a helpful listing of recommended resources for actors/singers.
This Bonus will arrive with your package by mail.

Bonus #2:

Discover the Magic of Self Esteem CD – Value $15.95
This CD of eleven original songs that are short and easy to learn, offers the ‘child of any age’ to remember the ultimate backbone of all great performing. You can even sing along with the instrumental accompaniment provided at the end of each track! The words are included. A great enhancement to anyone’s personal well-being.
Immediate Digital Download of the CD and lyrics!

Bonus #3:

Vocal Warm Up Exercises CD – Value $12.95
This is a perfect tool for voice warm up. Now you can get your voice ready without a piano or any instrument available. The exercises are guided every step of the way, so there’s no confusion. You can grab the advantage at your next event by dropping it into your Walkman™, putting on your headset, and getting those vocal cords ready! And for those who don’t have a personal voice instructor, now you do!
Immediate Digital Download of the CD and instructions!

That’s a total of another almost $40 worth of support to you and your singing success!

You invest One Low Price of $34.95 for almost $100.00 worth of immediate Singing and Acting Strategies, to posture yourself way ahead of your competition!

Still not sure? Okay, here’s our “No-Risk” Guarantee:

One Full Year 100% Guarantee

Use your program for 60 days. If after 2 full months you request a refund for any reason, we will cheerfully honor your request.
If after 2 months, you continue to use the program, we’ll come along with you for another10 months. That’s One Full Year of adding these incredible Skills and Techniques to your performance. If you don’t agree that you have moved into a new class of Singing Presentation, we ask you to send us a note explaining what specific techniques you used and what the unsatisfying outcome was.
Either way you can return your entire Workshop in the same condition in which it was received for a full refund.
And you still keep the bonuses! We assume all the risk!”
That’s our Ironclad Promise to you. We stand completely behind this product.

Click here to purchase now.

Why Spend Hundreds and Even Thousands of Dollars When You Don’t Have To?

You can seek a Personal Performance Coach, or you can have all the same information transported to the comfort of your home! You can learn when you feel like it, rather than at a specific “appointment time”.

And the real beauty is you can practice and review any section of the material as many times as you require, whenever you like, before taking it ‘live’. You can’t get that from a Personal Coach! Well, you can but it will cost you each time.

“Yes! I did play your Acting Skills DVD. I found it to be very informative. Some of my students are getting ready for the NATS competition and I am working on their presentations a lot more after seeing your film.”

– Stella Baumann, Voice Teacher, Falmouth, ME

“A great tool for beginning students in the performing arts!
Young people need every opportunity to perfect stage techniques. Access to home practice with this DVD set will only increase their abilities at a faster rate.”

– Robert Worobec, Performer and Drama Coach, Bozeman, MT

Order Now, While it’s Fresh on Your Mind Because the Only One Who Will Lose if You Don’t, is You.

Remember, you’ll receive: the 2-DVD Set with two hours of hundreds of combinations of techniques and how to use them in “Acting Skills for Singers”.

You’ll also receive the three incredible bonuses: Singers’ Secrets for Success booklet, Discover the Magic of Self Esteem audio download and the Vocal Warm Up Exercises audio download, all for $34.95.

Remember… the audio downloads are available immediately, for your skill-building enjoyment!

And, if you act now and order 2 or more, the shipping is free!
That’s right, we’ll pay the shipping with orders of 2 or more! This is a limited time offer, so don’t delay!

To Help Make Your Decision Even Easier…

When you Secure your copy of “Acting Skills for Singers” you’ll receive a 4th bonus. We’d like you to have an instant download of the transcript for the entire workshop!

This will allow you to begin using all the wisdom in your 2 DVD set, while you’re waiting for it to arrive at your doorstep! Your download instructions will be sent to you immediately after your order is processed.

“I am very glad to tell you the DVDs are great, but I have an interesting experience to share with you before they arrived. When I received the transcript, I was so anxious
to practice your suggestions that I decided to try them out immediately.

“The singer who was playing the title role for the opera Carmen was sick on the day of the stage rehearsal and suggested my name as a substitute. I decided to use the information I had read about on the transcript even though I wasn’t sure if the role was completely memorized. The rehearsal was such a stage success at first try that the director decided to schedule a second presentation with me in the main role. Thank you very much for this method!”

– Elizabeth Catapano, Singer, Brasilia, Brazil

One Full Year 100% Guarantee

“Either way, I know I can’t lose!”

We respect your privacy. And we greatly appreciate your trust. You can order with confidence knowing that your data and information is transmitted securely.

We thank you so very much for your interest. We both know that you are the winner!

You too can expect your performances to flourish like a well tended garden, with the added sunshine of “Acting Skills for Singers” for the enrichment of your every performance from now on!

May You Shine Like the Stars in the Milky Way, and may all your performances soar to that height!

Best Wishes Always,

Marcia McCarry


Joseph Stark

P.S. Why pay someone else when you can own the same information at a fraction of the cost? You can review and refresh your skills at will, on your own schedule, at your convenience, in the comfort of your privacy!

P.P.S. You can even invite a few of your fellow singing friends over and experience the dynamic geometric growth that happens when learning in pairs or a group! It’s fun!

P.P.P.S. Remember you’ll be able to keep all the bonuses no matter what. Isn’t it refreshing to know that there is no risk to you whatsoever?

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